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He Shoots, He Draws Podcast, the podcast about creativity, photography, graphic design, business and life! Hosted by Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton, the show gives you a weekly look at the world of all the above. After almost 8 years of friendship, working on projects and teaching together, Glyn and Dave have decided to combine their knowledge and experience to create a podcast. So, grab a cuppa and join us as we chat about the things we admire, people that inspire us and loves and loathes in the industry.
Straight, honest talk among friends with a bit of education and the occasional guest for good measure!
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    Ep. 41: The Peter Hurley Interview - Photography, Sailing & Modelling...SHABANG!

    This week Glyn and Dave chat to photographer Peter Hurley - the headshot guy who created "The Peter Hurley Look", "The Squinch" and of course SHABANG! We chat to Peter how a schoolkid with little confidence starts of sailing and ends up with a modelling career with Ralph Lauren / Polo and ends up being a successful photographer, teacher and author....and still a decent sailor!

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    Ep. 40: Friendship in Business - Have you Got The Balance Right?

    Following on from the Lenny Terenzi episode, Dave and Glyn got chatting about friendship and relationships in business and life and how to make sure you know how to balance and manage them to the best possible outcome. Hopefully after listening you'll find a way of making sure your friendships stay strong and your business continues to grow with their support and help.

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    Ep. 38: 'Breaking Bad' with Lenny Terenzi from Hey Monkey Design

    Dave chats to HeyDesign's Lenny Terenzi. Dave met Lenny earlier this year at Creative South and as they kept in touch Dave saw Lenny post a heartfelt and very honest blog post about the struggles of running your own business and how to break out of that bad situation. It's honest, frank and full of great advice!

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    Ep: 037: Graphic Design is Brilliant! Glyn interviews Dave about his career in Graphic Design (Part 1)

    This week Glyn decided to interview Dave about his background in graphic design and why he thinks it is awesome. They spoke about Dave's unorthodox entry into the industry via a mix of very different, non design related jobs. This is part one of what will be a two part interview, the second to follow soon. If you want to know what makes Dave tick - this is the episode for you!

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    Ep: 036: Interview with Master Photographers David & Luke Edmonson.

    Glyn sat down with David Edmonson and his son, Luke, both incredible photographers for a very personal chat about life and photography but it's more than that for both of them. David has over 40 years in the industry and is truly a 'Master Photographer'. Join Glyn, David and Luke for a very intimate conversation.

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    Ep. 035: Hannah Couzens: Truly an Award Winning UK Portrait Photographer

    Glyn and Dave chatted to UK's very own, proper award winning studio and portrait photographer Hannah Couzens. Hannah is an absolute powerhouse of a businesswoman, photographer and all round lovely person. We first met Hannah at The Photography Show and have both followed her career for a few years, she chats about how she made a very focused start in her business at the young age of 19 and how she's worked damn hard to build that and maintain it.

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    Ep. 034: Lost Design Treasures of America with Bill Rose - Junk Type & Neon Signs

    This week I got to have an awesome chat with the man behind Recapturist and the best selling book 'Junk Type', Bill Rose. Bill has spent over a decade travelling around America capturing the lost roadside treasures of the USA. Neon signs, logo design, junk type, shop fronts and anything that catches his eye to preserve in a photograph. Check out Bill's site recapturist.com to see his collection and his map of treasure! This interview was an absolute joy!

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    Ep. 033: Going It Alone with Matt Kloskowski - Photoshop & Lightroom

    Going it alone when you believe in your abilities is always a risk. We speak to Matt Kloskowski, formerly of KelbyOne and OnOne, and now founder of Matt Kloskowski Photography and Training. He specializes in outdoor, landscape, and nature photography along with editing with Photoshop, Lightroom, and ON1 apps. Matt was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame in 2014 and is the best-selling author of over 20 books. Matt loves to educate others and spends much of his time teaching seminars around the world. We first met Matt during our NAPP days and when it comes to training, you won't find much better than Matt in terms of content and business knowledge.

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    Ep. 032: Moose Peterson - Wildlife, Landscapes and War Birds

    It's an absolute pleasure this week to chat to our old friend Moose Peterson. Who is Moose you may ask? Well, Moose’s true passion has always been and remains photographing the life history of our endangered wildlife and wild places. Since 1981 he and his wife Sharon have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. In recent years Moose has added aviation photography to his pursuits with the same goal of preserving our flying history, pictorial and oral for future generations. He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 133 magazines worldwide, author of 29 books including his latest, Taking Fligh, best seller Captured and most recent, Take Off. And a he's a bloody lovely bloke too!! www.moosepeterson.com

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    Ep. 031: Stacy Pearsall Interview - Veterans Portrait Project

    Glyn and Dave chat to Stacy Pearsall - Former aerial combat photojournalist and two-time Military Photographer of the Year Stacy L. Pearsall documented stories in over 41 countries and attended the Military Photojournalism Program at Syracuse University during her ten-year Air Force career. Though combat disabled, and retired from military service, Pearsall has not let her disabilities hold her back. With her service animal, America’s VetDogs Charlie, by her side, she continues to work worldwide as an independent photographer, and is an author, educator, military consultant, BRAVO748 public speaker, founder of the Veterans Portrait Project and Nikon Ambassador. Her work has been exhibited at the Woodruff Arts Center and the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and is presently exhibited at the Pentagon, the National Veterans Memorial and Museum, the Women in Military Service for America Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery among other sites nationwide.

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    Ep. 030: Getting Down To Business! Planning For A Life In Photography.

    In this episode Dave talks to Glyn about some of the pitfalls and solutions he's encountered as a professional photographer, how important it is to learn from mistakes and understanding how to fine tune your business product portfolio to suit your lifestyle.

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    Ep. 029: Adrian Sommeling - Photographer & Digital Artist

    Glyn chats to Adrian Sommeling, a commercial photographer from the Netherlands. He create advertising images for big and smaller companies all over the world. In his free time he creates fun and surreal Photoshop composited images together with his model, his young son.

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    Ep. 028: YouTube Photoshop Star Unmesh Dinda aka PixImperfect

    If you haven't heard of PixImperfect's Unmesh Dinda on YouTube then you should, with over 360 FREE tutorials and over 450k subscribers, Unmesh has become on of the people to watch for Photoshop tips on the internet....and he's only 21! We chat to him about his background, how to grow and how to deal with negativity. Unmesh was a pleasure to interview, you'll be seeing more of him in the coming months and years!

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    Ep. 027: Joel Grimes Photography Masterclass Interview

    You are in for a treat in this episode. Glyn and Dave have a chat with photographer/artist Joel Grimes about photography, business, training, understanding the craft of photography, the work life balance and a ton of other information!! Join us for an hour of solid gold advice from one of the best and nicest guys in the business.

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    Ep. 026: Winning Photography Awards with Terry Donnelly

    Glyn and Dave follow up episode 9 "And The Award Goes To..." by talking to a proper award winning UK photographer, Terry Donnelly. Terry explains how, what and why he enters. He has won local fellowships, international awards and also judges competitions. Now we understand the world of awards we hope you find a way to improve your photography and career by understanding the process.

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    Ep. 025: Work/Life Balance with Mark Heaps

    Glyn and Dave talk to designer, photographer, teacher, family man and businessman about the work/life balance and how to look for the warning signs when going too far. Mark runs a successful business with his wife in his own studio and tells us his story about hard work and adaptability is critical in maintaining na healthy home and work balance.

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    Ep. 024: The World Cup Photographer - Dickie Pelham Interview

    All the way from Russia - Dave interviews photographer Dickie Pelham - the chief photographer for the UK Sun newspaper, veteran of 6 World Cups, 6 Olympics, Boxing, Wimbledon and the Royal Family - Dickie talks about life at the World Cup, the ups and downs, the players and the gear plus much more.

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    Ep. 021: It's All About Confidence

    Glyn and Dave have a quick chat in the middle of a run of great, special guest interviews. They talk about finding confidence to enable you to have experiences you may have previously missed. Keep pushing and accepting encouragement, who knows where it will take you!

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    Ep. 020: The Picturing Success Podcast Chat (Interview)

    Glyn and Dave have a combined podcast chat with Rick Sammon and Larry Becker from The Picturing Success Podcast - the four of them sat in a hotel room at Photoshop World chatting about their background, how they all came to do what they do and more.

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    Ep. 019: The Joe McNally Experience (Interview)

    This week we interview the photography legend, Joe McNally, at Photoshop World. We had a great and very honest chat with Joe about his life, work and the industry. Please subscribe and if possible, please leave a review on iTunes, we really appreciate it. Thank you.

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    Ep. 018: Our Shortest Episode - On the Road USA

    We are on the road in the USA this week, so its a quick update and apologies for the shortness of this week's episode. We have a couple of great interviews wrapped up and a couple more to record so this week was a quick update and a thanks for listening to this podcast! Have a great weekend!

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    Ep. 017: A Right Royal Catch Up

    Glyn and Dave have a catch up after 2 weeks of interviews, they discuss authenticity in your approach to your work, how to get good advice, the Royal Wedding photographs and what's coming up including the launch of the new website heshootshedraws.com

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    Ep. 016: Interview with UK Landscape Photographer Nigel Danson

    This week Glyn interviews another great photographer with an amazing and inspiring story about how life can sometimes alter the path of your ambitions. Nigel Danson is one of the leading landscape photographers and a smashing fella! Check him out on social media - https://twitter.com/nigeldanson | http://www.youtube.com/nigeldanson | https://www.instagram.com/nigel.danson/ - we hope you enjoy this interview. please leave a review on iTunes if you are enjoying the show. Thank you

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    Ep. 015: Interview with Photographer Ian Munro

    Glyn interviews upcoming Welsh photographer and recent KelbyOne Gallery winner, Ian Munro, to discuss getting started in photography, defining a style, working on projects, overcoming obstacles and maintaining a passion for photography on the back of a full time day job. There's a lot here that a lot of photographers can learn from.

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    Ep. 014: Planning Your Personal Projects

    Glyn and Dave have a catch up about the projects they are working on and tips and advice on how to research and prepare your own projects for better success. They have both taken on a project each for 2018 and encourage you to do the same. The show is sponsored by Westcott in association with JP Distribution. If you'd like to sponsor the show or buy show merchandise then you can from the following links | https://www.patreon.com/heshootshedraws | https://heshootshedrawspodcast.bigcartel.com

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    Ep. 013: GRRR, Bloody Facebook Again - GDPR and other such stories.

    Glyn and Dave touch on the topic of Facebook again in a period where social media is constantly being questioned and criticised. We talk about how this affects us as users and businesses. Plus we talk about the implications of GDPR as a business owner and a consumer. And some funny stuff! It's not all grumpy old men! // https://patreon.com/heshootshedraws // https://heshootshedrawspodcast.bigcartel.com

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    Ep. 011: How Social is your Social Media???

    In this episode Glyn & Dave get their thoughts and feelings off their chest once and for all about all things Social Media. Love it or Hate it, Social Media is here to stay and forms a huge part of our daily lives but do we really need to be a slave to it? Does it matter if we don't post every day? Are social media friends really friends? Links: Social Media Video https://goo.gl/v1JU1H Creative South: http://creativesouth.com/

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    Ep. 010: The Truth about Books and Writing with Rocky Nook

    Glyn and Dave talk frankly with Scott Cowlin and Ted Waitt from Rocky Nook Publishers about ALL things books and book writing. What's really involved? What is an instant "No" to a book idea? What if someone has an idea for a book but they don't know how to write? Working with a Publisher as opposed to Self Publishing, Book pricing and more...

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    Ep. 009: And the Awards go to...

    Glyn and Dave talk about the "award winning ........" title people include in their websites without stating the award, should the award be the main factor of your business, why do we need so many awards? Are you making a technicolour dream coat from all the ribbons? What do you think about photography and design awards?

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    Ep. 008: The Tech Interview with TV Presenter David McClelland

    Glyn and Dave follow up from their week at The Photography Show with an interview with TV Presenter, Journalist, Broadcaster and tech expert, David McClelland. They talk about being prepared, its always about the tech, the David Bailey interview and some great tech advice including phone apps. Join the three of them as they have a good old chat!

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    Ep. 007: The Legend In All Of Us

    Glyn and Dave have a bit of an uplifting episode today, talking about the people who inspired them and how they've been able to pay that forward and continue to do so. They talk about Glyn's Dell computer problem and have a very special commercial for coffee. Plus a great Instagram Tip to post from your computer desktop (with Safari). Mentioned this week are Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Dave's friend Mike Sullivan, Peter from Bakewell RIP, The Photography Show, Balcony Shirts, Jeremy Vine and Liam Dewis, Glyn's brother. Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it.

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    Ep. 006: There Is No F in Secret

    This week Glyn and Dave talk about how and where to get business advice, what to look out for and how not to get suckered into the "6 levels to the 9 secrets of the 7 steps of the 5 must know fully implemented turbocharged masterminded guaranteed ways to be successful" kinds of clickbait videos you see on social media.

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    Ep. 005: Suck It Up, Buttercup! Make excuses or make content!

    This week Glyn and Dave talk about getting out of a slump, keeping busy and stopping making excuses! We all hit a slump and we all get excited by our industry, use the latter to thwart the former and keep busy! Set up projects for yourself, try and recreate other artists' styles to learn techniques while you are waiting for the phone to ring. An empty portfolio will equate to an empty diary and vice versa.

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    Ep. 004: Alan Hess Photography Interview

    Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton talk to San Diego based, long time friend and hard working photographer, author and instructor, Alan Hess. We talk about how he's evolved in the industry, the ups and downs of his business, how to overcome obstacles and his loves and loathes. We really enjoyed this chat, we hope you will!

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    Ep. 003: Workshops, Hashtags, Oh My!

    Glyn and Dave discuss two topics today, workshops and training in part one, then they discuss that Marmite of social media, hashtags and brand tagging. As per usual, these are Glyn and Dave's thoughts, PLEASE give them your feedback as to why you do it and how it benefits you. #HSHD

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    Ep. 002: Don't sweat the small stuff

    Today's episode is all about the value of feedback and comments on blogs and social media. Both negative and positive, we discuss the experiences we've both had and how we've dealt with them...the good, the bad and Mr Angry!

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    Ep. 001: Pilot Episode

    Photographer, Glyn Dewis, and Graphic Designer, Dave Clayton, launch the pilot episode of their new photography and graphic design podcast. They talk about the show, who they are and why they are doing this podcast. Grab a cuppa and join them in their first venture into podcasting together. @heshootshedraws

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