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He Shoots, He Draws Podcast, the Photography and Graphic Design show hosted by Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton. The show that gives you a twice monthly look at the world of Photography. After almost 8 years of friendship, working on projects and teaching together, Glyn and Dave have decided to combine their knowledge and experience to create a podcast. So, grab a cuppa and join us as we chat about the things we love and loathe in our industries.
Straight, honest talk among friends with a bit of education and the occasional guest for good measure!
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    Ep. 015: Interview with Photographer Ian Munro

    Glyn interviews upcoming Welsh photographer and recent KelbyOne Gallery winner, Ian Munro, to discuss getting started in photography, defining a style, working on projects, overcoming obstacles and maintaining a passion for photography on the back of a full time day job. There's a lot here that a lot of photographers can learn from.

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    Ep. 014: Planning Your Personal Projects

    Glyn and Dave have a catch up about the projects they are working on and tips and advice on how to research and prepare your own projects for better success. They have both taken on a project each for 2018 and encourage you to do the same. The show is sponsored by Westcott in association with JP Distribution. If you'd like to sponsor the show or buy show merchandise then you can from the following links | https://www.patreon.com/heshootshedraws | https://heshootshedrawspodcast.bigcartel.com

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    Ep. 013: GRRR, Bloody Facebook Again - GDPR and other such stories.

    Glyn and Dave touch on the topic of Facebook again in a period where social media is constantly being questioned and criticised. We talk about how this affects us as users and businesses. Plus we talk about the implications of GDPR as a business owner and a consumer. And some funny stuff! It's not all grumpy old men! // https://patreon.com/heshootshedraws // https://heshootshedrawspodcast.bigcartel.com

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    Ep. 011: How Social is your Social Media???

    In this episode Glyn & Dave get their thoughts and feelings off their chest once and for all about all things Social Media. Love it or Hate it, Social Media is here to stay and forms a huge part of our daily lives but do we really need to be a slave to it? Does it matter if we don't post every day? Are social media friends really friends? Links: Social Media Video https://goo.gl/v1JU1H Creative South: http://creativesouth.com/

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    Ep. 010: The Truth about Books and Writing with Rocky Nook

    Glyn and Dave talk frankly with Scott Cowlin and Ted Waitt from Rocky Nook Publishers about ALL things books and book writing. What's really involved? What is an instant "No" to a book idea? What if someone has an idea for a book but they don't know how to write? Working with a Publisher as opposed to Self Publishing, Book pricing and more...

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    Ep. 009: And the Awards go to...

    Glyn and Dave talk about the "award winning ........" title people include in their websites without stating the award, should the award be the main factor of your business, why do we need so many awards? Are you making a technicolour dream coat from all the ribbons? What do you think about photography and design awards?

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    Ep. 008: The Tech Interview with TV Presenter David McClelland

    Glyn and Dave follow up from their week at The Photography Show with an interview with TV Presenter, Journalist, Broadcaster and tech expert, David McClelland. They talk about being prepared, its always about the tech, the David Bailey interview and some great tech advice including phone apps. Join the three of them as they have a good old chat!

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    Ep. 007: The Legend In All Of Us

    Glyn and Dave have a bit of an uplifting episode today, talking about the people who inspired them and how they've been able to pay that forward and continue to do so. They talk about Glyn's Dell computer problem and have a very special commercial for coffee. Plus a great Instagram Tip to post from your computer desktop (with Safari). Mentioned this week are Scott Kelby, Matt Kloskowski, Dave's friend Mike Sullivan, Peter from Bakewell RIP, The Photography Show, Balcony Shirts, Jeremy Vine and Liam Dewis, Glyn's brother. Thanks as always for listening, we really appreciate it.

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    Ep. 006: There Is No F in Secret

    This week Glyn and Dave talk about how and where to get business advice, what to look out for and how not to get suckered into the "6 levels to the 9 secrets of the 7 steps of the 5 must know fully implemented turbocharged masterminded guaranteed ways to be successful" kinds of clickbait videos you see on social media.

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